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Welcome to the magical world of Trigo Games

Explore a universe where every artifact tells a story, and each beast guards secrets waiting to be unraveled. Whether you seek the legendary Sword of Luminescence, the Whispering Amulet of Serenity, or the elusive Cloak of Shadows, our world is teeming with treasures waiting to be claimed by those bold enough to pursue them.


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Game Concept

NFT collector and auto battler game

Embark on a magical odyssey as you discover 200+ enchanting artifacts in a realm teeming with deadly beasts, each wielding unique powers. Brave the challenges of hunting these creatures to claim their magical essence. Unite and train wizards, assembling powerful guilds that amplify their mystical prowess. Forge the perfect team, combining ancient relics with modern mastery to create an unstoppable force. Your strategic decisions will shape the destiny of this fantastical world, where every artifact unveils a new chapter in your journey. Join the quest, conquer mythical beasts, and lead your wizards to triumph as you unravel the secrets of a realm where magic thrives and legends come to life!


Play to earn

As you delve deeper into this magical realm, strategic thinking and unity become paramount. Build the perfect team, enhance their abilities, and conquer the challenges that lie ahead. The fate of this enchanting world rests in your hands.

Collect crystals

Navigate through treacherous terrains, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges to claim these precious treasures. 

Fight creatures

From the fiery breath of dragons to the stealthy attacks of mystical beings, every confrontation promises a thrilling test of your combat prowess. 


Learn potions

Immerse yourself in the alchemical arts, mastering the delicate balance of herbs, roots, and arcane substances. Whether you aspire to be a healer, a potion master, or a purveyor of magical mischief.

Look for artifacts

Navigate through the unknown, overcoming obstacles and facing challenges, as you unveil the secrets of the artifacts’ origins. Brace yourself for encounters with magical guardians and outsmart ancient traps in your pursuit of these elusive relics.

Find creatures

Peer into the shadows of hidden caves, explore the depths of serene lakes, and venture into uncharted territories where mythical beings are said to roam. Capture glimpses of majestic dragons, elusive unicorns, and other fantastical beings that stir the imagination.

Collect herbs

Navigate through enchanted groves, scale mist-covered mountains, and wade through babbling brooks in your pursuit of these magical herbs. Harness their powers for healing potions, enchantments, or alchemical concoctions that defy the ordinary.


Find and fight rare creatures

Sharpen your skills and prepare for epic encounters with creatures that defy the ordinary. From the ethereal Glowshroud Serpent to the mighty Thunderclaw Griffin, each rare creature poses a unique challenge, demanding strategic prowess and courage.

NFT Collections

Collect stunning pieces of digital world

Navigate through the intricate codes and algorithms, unlocking hidden gems and rare masterpieces that showcase the boundless creativity of the digital world. From mesmerizing visual effects to cutting-edge designs, every piece tells a story of innovation and imagination.

Immerse yourself in the digital tapestry, where pixels become brushstrokes, and lines of code transform into digital wonders. Your quest to collect stunning pieces in the digital realm is a celebration of the limitless possibilities within the virtual domain.

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